Project Finance

Project Finance

Way to Finance for your Business

Newly introduced software! It integrates and controls all of your vital information by automating your processes for faster and accurate reporting. Our software replaces manual, error-prone, spreadsheet- based processes with automation, control and visibility. It is easy to implement. It generates all the reports required for financial assistance given by bank authorities. Hence, all your problems regarding CMA requirements get sorted out in no time without error.

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Project Finance Software

  • This Software is basically divided into two parts:-
  • Project Finance
  • CMA
  • (A)Project Finance

  • Unlimited number of projects can be prepared for a single client with our software.
  • The following three types of reports can be generated:

Revenue Reports

  • Loan or Capacity and Quantitative Details
  • Sales Realization (Domestic/Export)
  • Other Operating Income
  • Miscellaneous Income
  • Export Benefit Income
  • Captive Consumption

Expense Reports

  • Main Material Cost
  • Other Material Cost
  • Packing Material Cost
  • Consumables, Stores etc.
  • Employees Expenses
  • Fuel Expenses
  • Power and Electricity Expenses
  • Repair and Maintenance Expenses
  • Other Manufacturing Expenses
  • Administrative Expenses
  • Selling Expenses
  • Depreciation (Profitability/IT)
  • Intangible Assets (w/o)
  • Interest on Term Loan
  • Interest on EI Loans
  • Interest on Debentures and Bonds
  • Interest on Unsecured Loans and Deposits
  • Assets against Lease Agreement
  • Miscellaneous Financial Charges
  • Tax on Profits
  • Other Expenses

Financial Reports

  • Statement of Profitability
  • Assessment Working Capital Requirement (Actual/ Projected)
  • Balance Sheet (Summarized/ Detailed)
  • BEP Analysis
  • Project at Glance
  • COP and Means of Finance
  • Stakeholders status
  • IRR
  • Indexed IRR
  • Sensitivity Analysis – I, II, III, IV


  • Standalone feeding and auto linking of CMA Data with Project finance Software. If CMA is linked with the project finance software, then there is a facility to import actual and projected data of Balance Sheet and Revenue Statement.
  • If CMA is not linked with the project finance software, then two other methods are available to estimate the amount of projected years.
  • First Method: Percentage Basis
  • Second Method: Ratio Basis
  • The following CMA Reports can be generated from our software:
  • Form – I (Particulars of the Existing/Proposed Limits)
  • Form – II (Operating Statement)
  • Form – III (Analysis of Balance Sheet)
  • Form – IV (Comparative Statement of Current Assets & Liabilities)
  • Form – V (Computation of MPBF)
  • Form – VI (Fund Flow Statement)
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial and Appraisal Parameters (Different Ratio Analysis Report with calculation)
  • DSCR (Consolidated and Standalone)

General Features:

  • All Project Reports and CMA Reports can be exported in excel and word.
  • One can prepare the Reports for maximum 5 Years of actual and 10 years of projected.
  • Project report can be prepared for existing and proposed project.

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